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Who We Are
The Iron Dragon Vanguard is a roleplaying guild in North America on The Elder Scrolls Online. We are a Daggerfall Covenant guild.

We engage in a comprehensive gameplay experience, dabbling in PvE and PvP, but our primary focus is on RP. We strive for a lore-friendly, approachable IC environment based on mutual respect and enthusiasm for the Elder Scrolls. That said, we do plan on competing in upper PvP echelons and having a top-tier core raiding group.

Interested applicants can find a plethora of information on the site, as well as an online application. Those interested in asking more individual questions may contact Fangrax gro-Shael or Kaledo Kovana in game, and all officers will be able to answer most questions.
Kaledo Kovana / Feb 17, 2014
Well everyone, the time has come, the non-disclosure agreement has been scraped and we are free to talk about the beta! I know Fang, Valler and I all got in last weekends beta so we'll be sharing more about our experiences and ideas with you all. But I can say right now, we are going to dominate in roleplay and leveling with such a devoted core group. Y'all are amazing and I'm proud to say I am part of the Iron Dragon Vanguard!
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